My approach is to play a coaching role in guiding the development of strategy, ideas and action plans. I believe that the knowledge and wisdom that exists within client teams can be the launching pad for big ideas when fueled by customer insights and someone who can ask the right questions.

I believe the strongest brands start with a customer promise that is embraced by the entire organization and woven into the culture of the organization so that products, services, experiences, ideas and external marketing communication are all developed with that central customer benefit in mind.

I take a long-term view (beyond the next campaign) to create a sustainable point of difference and strategy. If the work is successful, all staff will understand and embrace the brand and have a clear sense of the role they play in bringing it to life, the organization will be more customer oriented and communication will be clear and consistent.

I am a facilitator and strategist. I want to create the conditions for big ideas to emerge. The kind that lead to transformative change.