As a facilitator and strategist, Larry helps leaders and leadership teams to understand the potential within their brand and develop strategies to delight customers, strengthen reputation and increase loyalty.

Brand Strategy
The needs of any client may range from corporate branding to product branding to personal branding. Within those broad categories lie questions regarding brand positioning strategy, brand identity systems, product or experience development as well as tracking and measurement. Other questions relate to best practices in brand management and how to develop brand marketing strategy. The approach is tailored to the particular question or need facing each client.

Acting in a coaching capacity, Larry helps organizations through these questions to ensure the brand promise is delivered at all customer touch points.

A great deal of wisdom resides within client teams and magic can happen when that wisdom is tapped. Armed with good questions, a safe and collaborative environment and a little guidance, teams can come up with innovative strategies. Larry plays the role of coach and facilitator in guiding individuals and teams through the strategic process and toward big ideas.

Understanding the attitudes and needs of external stakeholders is a critical pillar of good strategy. Larry has guided stakeholder consultation processes to inform decision-making and business planning. Larry can develop a facilitation approach to suit the situation and client need.

Marketing Strategy
With years of marketing planning experience in a variety of sectors, Larry can help with the development of integrated marketing strategy. Good strategies are rooted in a deeper understanding of customers and the creation of experiences that attract and delight them. They are also rooted a solid understanding of how customers are using digital channels and how they want to interact with brands. And perhaps most importantly, in order to succeed, a good action plan for implementation is essential.